Is Your Website Mobile Optimised Yet?

The Importance of Having an Effective Mobile Website.

With millions of smart phone and tablet users in your region are ready to view your mobile website. Is your business mobile friendly?

Don’t ignore this important market segment. Many businesses still haven’t optimised their website for mobile phone or tablet usage yet. Either they haven’t had the time, or they don’t know how.

Have you considered mobile marketing for your own business yet? Innovative Business Marketing can help you to create the most effective mobile site for your business.

Most likely you have already visited a website that has not been optimised for mobile usage yet. It can be a long frustrating process, while you wait for all the photos and text to load. It can be next to impossible to even find the information that you need.

That’s why it’s so important for you to optimise your own website for mobile phone and tablet use, as you’re providing an easier way for someone to obtain the information they need about your business.

Not only will your bounce rate improve, but your customers won’t get frustrated and leave. Your online business will become accessible and visible.

It may be tricky deciding on where to start. At Innovative Business Marketing we begin by finding out which is the most pertinent information on your site. This involves some heavy editing on your part, while allowing important information to remain.

Photos must be shrunk down to fit on a tiny mobile screen, or cut completely. Text will need to be legible. Contact forms need to work on your mobile device, so that customers can contact you quickly and easily. An easier drop down tool bar needs to be created, rather than the fancy ones on your site.

Start by viewing your website on a mobile phone and just see how slow and unresponsive it can be.

It’s also best to have an expert design your mobile website. There are many extremes to website design. You’ll have the beautifully designed site, but it doesn’t convert traffic. You can have a website designed to convert traffic, but it’ll appear sleazy and trashy. You want to create a fine balance between having an attractive site, but one that will invite people to purchase your products.

An effectively marketed site will convert traffic, but not scare away people who are leery of too much marketing hype. That’s why it’s best to hire a mobile marketing expert.

As we get further into 2015, more and more businesses are switching to mobile sites. If you don’t, then your customers will be following those that they can actually reach on their smart phones. And that just doesn’t make sense, when you’re trying to stay on top of the market and provide valuable products and services for your clients. Don’t let them get away.

Just how will you know what you need to do with mobile marketing? That’s how Innovative Business Marketing can help you out. Hiring a company that specialises in mobile marketing may be the most viable option. It’s our business to understand the intricacies of the mobile market.

We’ll assist you with your marketing strategy, to help you design your mobile website. With our expertise, we’ll increase your traffic conversion rate, and enhance sales activities.

Don’t forget to consider your client’s needs on a mobile device. Give them valuable information at their fingertips, so they don’t bounce off. They’ll bookmark your website for future visits. You’ll be able to stay a step ahead of your competition by having a fully optimised mobile site.

You can trust your new mobile website design to our team of designers, who understands all about having an effectively designed and responsive website.

Your daughter or a website designer student most likely won’t understand about what converts traffic into profit. It’s important to have an effective and responsive mobile website, or even a specialised mobile website, so your business can capture the 17% of traffic that is currently viewing on a mobile device.

As that percentage keeps climbing day by day, because more people are using mobile devices, instead of actual desktop or laptop computers.

If you have any questions about how mobile marketing pertains to your own business needs then please contact Innovative Business marketing. We’ll be happy to assist you in a creating an effectively marketed mobile website for your business that converts traffic into sales.

About The Author

Marcus Jovanovich

Marcus Jovanovich is an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past decade, Marcus is now a sought after business and marketing coach and mentor for those wanting to optimise and grow their businesses online by focus targeting all aspects of digital marketing. Today he and his team of business, marketing & design professionals help business from all over Australia grow their profits via effective marketing strategies.