The Importance of Video in Marketing

Who really has time to read? Juggling busy work schedules with over committed social lives leaves us with very little time to read any more but modern day technologies are making it easier with the use of online videos.

Video is the future of content marketing. It is an easy and useful way to engage viewers with just a push of a button. It is no secret that it is fast becoming an important means to satisfy our information and entertainment needs in a world where we want immediate gratification. Time waits for no one!

Worldwide leader in IT, Cisco, predicts that by 2017 online video with account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and video-on-demand traffic will almost treble in use. By 2018 consumer internet traffic is expected to have risen to a staggering 79%. No other marketing medium has this kind of reach. It targets its consumers within seconds of a campaign being downloaded online.

We now use videos to see the latest fashions on catwalks in Europe, do tutorials and “how to” videos on a range of topics, research much-desired products and services without even having to leave the house.

The play button is fast becoming “the most compelling call-to-action of the web” according to renowned business leader Andrew Angus. In fact, researchers have found that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by a 19%.

We live in an age of information overload and video is an untapped channel of content marketing that is perfect for reaching clients. Naturally addictive, everything that we watch online needs to be engaging and relevant to our lives we live.

It is critical for small businesses to provide content that is easy to digest. Fail to do this, and consumers will simply move on. Their search will lead them to the next product available online and your opportunity to promote your product is missed with a click of a button.

Recent studies show that more than half of companies are already using online video as an important business tool to reach and communicate with their market. This figure is predicted to continue to rise as more business owners realise its full potential.

Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their online strategies in the near future. Video is making a rapid push in the world of communication as it establishes its potential reach. A staggering 59% if senior executives agree that if both text and video were available on the same topic on the same webpage, they would prefer to watch the video.

In the past twelve months we have already seen Twitter launch video autoplay to our social media feeds, Facebook now gives advertisers the option to buy video ads and the rise of live streaming videos on Periscope and Meerkat.

The potential reach is truly endless in this fast pace market of online streaming. YouTube receives more than one billion visitors to its online channel every month. That is almost one-third of all people on the internet. Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views.

All of the top 100 global brands have run TrueView ads over the past year, and 95% of TrueView advertisers have run campaigns across screens. According to their recent statistics, YouTube has also seen strong growth in new advertisers adopting TrueView. The number of advertisers using TrueView grew 45% in 2014.

But when it comes to shareable online videos, most people think YouTube is the dominant player and it still is. But two years ago Facebook launched its own video platform and it has suddenly become a huge threat. Most people are unaware just how big Facebook now is a video sharing platform.

Facebook has more than a billion and a half active users a month and the total number of active advertisers on Facebook is currently an estimated 3 billion advertisers. A recent study done by social media marketing management company Socialbakers found that Facebook video is growing while YouTube is slowing. Marketers are now turning to Facebook video first.

The competition will always be rife between the big player in online videos but by engaging your viewers you will ensure that they share your video with other. Consumers will then spend longer on your website and therefore more time interacting with your brand.

A picture paints 1000 words but one minute of video is worth 1.8 million according to research done by independent technology and market research, Forrester. Online videos are a great way of making a target message that really hits home and gets you noticed. A well planned and executed video can set your brand apart from your competitors.

With production costs falling, videos are a fantastic and affordable marketing solution. Every day people are now making videos that have the potential to go viral and make them an online success overnight.

About The Author

Marcus Jovanovich

Marcus Jovanovich is an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past decade, Marcus is now a sought after business and marketing coach and mentor for those wanting to optimise and grow their businesses online by focus targeting all aspects of digital marketing. Today he and his team of business, marketing & design professionals help business from all over Australia grow their profits via effective marketing strategies.