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Brand Marketing vs. Direct Response Marketing? The actual marketing of a company means putting into play one or more forms of marketing. There are actually several different forms that can be used with some being better suited for your efforts than others. Two of the most common are brand and direct response marketing. Both forms have been around for some time and businesses around the world use one or both in building up their business.

When considering which type of marketing effort is better, brand or direct, it is first important to understand what each one does and how they can be used to advertise your business efforts.
What is Brand Marketing?
Brand marketing is one that promotes not only the product or service, but actually emphasizes the business itself. A brand marketer will take into account public relations, social media and other forms of communication that helps to market the very name and reputation of the business itself.
A brand marketer is playing the patience game in that building up the reputation of the business will pay dividends down the road by expanding awareness and bringing potential customers through the door.
What is Direct Marketing?
Direct marketing is exactly that, an approach that is sometimes called the “hard sell”, it involves approaching potential customers and making them an offer they cannot refuse. The bottom line is increasing the response rate and sales conversion.
The percentages play into this form of marketing where a certain percentage of potential customers are likely to purchase a product or service, so the focus is on contacting as many people as possible and then making the sale.
The Differences in Both Forms of Marketing
The main difference is really in the end result which is brand marketing is all about awareness while direct response is all about the sale. While direct marketing has easy to understand, quantifiable results, brand marketing is more difficult to actually pin down as awareness is not something that can be translated easily into sales and profits.
However, brand marketing is often the long term choice because it can build up customers over a period of time whereas direct marketing is often more limited because the groundwork of reaching out has not been accomplished, at least not a large degree.
How Both Versions can Work Together
Interestingly enough, even though both types of marketing are far apart in terms of approach, style and measurement, they actually can complement each other when performed correctly. To put it simply, a direct marketing may help people to buy a product or service, but the brand marketing helps people choose who to buy it from.
When working together, brand marketing really sets up the potential customer base by promoting the good will of the company itself while direct marketing can then dive in and creates the sale. Once the reputation of the business has been established, it is far easier to get good sales conversion because customer feels more comfortable with the company from which they purchase.
Although brand and direct response two vastly different types of marketing, both can work together to build up the bottom line of the business.


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