How This Company Nailed, The Right Message To Market Match

I was passing a bus bench the other day and I noticed their advertising,

Now being a marketeer I am obsessed with looking at other peoples marketing everywhere I go and can’t help but analyse its effectiveness in my head.

Bus bench Ads have long been a bit of a laugh for me as is see a lot of the companies who advertise on these bus bench ads with products and services that make no sense advertising bus bench ad.

I am sure are just being sold by a clever salesman on their potential to reach thousands of prospective customers, given the amount of cars drive passed per day blah blah blah.

Now just to clarify a good friend of mine is one such sale man and he often tells me of the low effectiveness of these Ads for most business owners.

Now it is not my friends fault for these adverts being largely ineffective nor is it the company who suppliers these advertising fault…

It’s the business owners fault for failing the first and most critical rule of marketing.

Right Message to Market match!

What do I mean about right message to market match? It’s like this you need to ensure your message is being placed in front of the right potential customers.

You see, the best marketing message in the world would be ineffective if it is being placed in front of people who simply have no interest in that product or service.

For example if I was selling a product that was targeted at seniors I would be no good advertising on late night infomercials as most elderly are in bed early.

But back to the bus bench advert I saw the other day it was for a company who help people living in house share situation find new people or places to share with.

Now you only need to observe the kind of people who utilise public transport to quickly understand that there are a lot of people who fit into a similar group and demographic.

There are a large majority of young people who either don’t own a car or are students who rely on bus transport to get around.

Now I would guess these people also house share, as the cost for a young university student to live along is far too expensive these days.

Therefor an advert for a site that helps these people find better places to house share was perfectly placed in front a large group of people who have a use and a need for such a site.

When you are looking at any advertising its critical to consider am I placing my message in front of the people that need to hear it?

This is just as important in the digital world as it is in physical marketing.


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Marcus Jovanovich

Marcus Jovanovich is an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past decade, Marcus is now a sought after business and marketing coach and mentor for those wanting to optimise and grow their businesses online by focus targeting all aspects of digital marketing. Today he and his team of business, marketing & design professionals help business from all over Australia grow their profits via effective marketing strategies.